Outdoor Lighting Technology

Whether you're installing your first landscape lighting system, or looking to upgrade your old existing one, Outdoor Illumination always uses the most proven technology. 


LED lighting

The biggest improvement in landscape lighting in the last decade is the switch from using halogen bulbs to the more efficient LED bulbs. LED lighting offers many improvements to the older halogen bulb technology

  •  Energy consumption reduction of 80% 
  • More consistent light output (no hot spots or varying brightness between fixtures)

  • Bulb life of 50,000 hours or more (about 10 years of bulb life


Quality Fixtures

Plastic or aluminum fixtures will easily cost you more in the long run, when you factor in the inevitable replacement and repair cost due to the Florida air corroding and turning these fixtures into rust. To combat this we use solid brass fixtures that are built to withstand the salt and moisture, and most come with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.