Does my home need Landscape lighting?

This is almost always going to be a question someone in your household is going to be asking when you're taking steps to improve your home. If you own a home in Florida with a yard, the answer is almost always a resounding yes! Outdoor lighting not only can convert a "yard" into a romantic getaway, it will provide safety, security and allow social events to not be determined by the sun. 

The great thing about Florida and it's "endless summer" is that it offers you the ability to turn your landscape into into an extension of your living room. That is why the views from the inside of the house are nearly as important to keep in mind as the curb appeal. With properly designed landscape lights you will be able to look out your window at night and still be able to see your gardens and landscape. 

Resale value is another point to keep in mind when mulling over adding lights to your landscape. The curb appeal and safe feeling a well lit home provides has immense value. 

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