Be Inspired. Be Creative.

Our passion is to take what others don’t see or can’t see at night and bring it all to the eye at dusk to create new and exciting outdoor living spaces. Whether it be a formal landscape or a lush, tropical hideaway concealing a special sitting or dining area – there’s hidden treasures in every yard worth lighting. Landscape lighting is not something that most homeowners truly understand or can conceive until they see their house and property illuminated. They often feel that the large palm trees, house columns or structures on their property should be the focus. But with a little persuasion and sometimes an evening demonstration they soon find that the best outcomes are a crescendo of light playing off of one object or area spilling into the next to transform the entire scene. A great design is important but providing solid, corrosion resistant fixtures and meticulous installation procedures as we do can make any property an oasis to relax in and enjoy every night for decades to come.