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At Outdoor Illumination we transform your outdoor spaces into expansive, livable outdoor rooms by perfecting the art of light.  

Our inspired designers paint the canvas of your property with breathtaking strokes of illumination that enhance the unique features of your property. We bring elegance, drama, character and ambience to your home, gardens, pools, walkways and patios.

Our professional technicians, creative designers and experienced installers form the team to create and employ your custom, state-of-the-art system efficiently, neatly and professionally. 

We employ the highest quality fixtures from the world's leading manufacturers – many backed with a “life-time warranty”. And, our service-team technicians fully maintain your system so that you can enjoy your nighttime oasis for many years to come.

Path lights, up lights, underwater lights and moonlights are just a few ways we create nighttime magic - and increase the safety, security and value of your property. Join thousands of our satisfied customers who have witnessed how we are perfecting the art of light every night. 

Why Trust Us With Your Landscape Lighting...


The answer is actually pretty simple. When it comes to our landscape lighting  projects we are always on time, on budget, and on the cutting edge. We stand behind all work we do and are always just a friendly phone call away to assist you. Trust and impeccable service are not empty promises with us – they are what separates us from all others in our industry. We treat each and every client and property as if it were our Grandmothers!   

We have handled a wide variety of projects on properties ranging from small residential to very large commercial systems. But the real difference is in our commitment to thorough and creative planning and design, flawless installation procedures, higher  quality fixtures, and superior customer service. 


The Latest Outdoor Lighting Technology

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South Florida is notorious for its’ harsh outdoor environment on lighting fixtures. A common mistake many homeowners make is to look to save money by choosing lesser quality fixtures. Plastic, composite, steel and even “so-called” marine-grade  aluminum fixtures will easily cost you more in the long run, when you factor in the inevitable repair or replacements due to corrosion and other similar environmental influences. To combat this we highly recommend installing “solid brass” fixtures that are built to withstand Florida’s heat, salt and moist environment (most of which come with a “lifetime” warranty from the manufacturer).

The greatest improvement in landscape lighting over the past decade is the switch from using halogen bulbs to the more energy efficient LED bulbs. LED lighting offers many improvements to the older halogen bulb technology

  •  Energy consumption reduction of 80% 
  • More consistent light and color output with more choices of wattage and beam spread to provide the exact effect you are seeking in your lighting scheme
  • More durable bulbs with longer life of 50,000 hours or more (about 10 years of bulb life)
  • Smaller, more discreet bulbs and fixtures
  • And thus smaller and less-expensive Transformers to power these new LED systems

Taken Care Of From Start To Finish


All of our designers and installers are well-versed in local plant material and are carefully trained in the preservation of flora - above AND below ground.

Our installers are extremely detailed in trenching for and burying our wires and take great care to leave the landscape looking undisturbed and intact. 

We gladly perform prompt, follow-up evening visits and provide dedicated service technicians to maintain all of our clients’ systems to ensure excellent performance of your system for decades to come - all backed by our company's personal "Satisfaction Guarantee" as well as manufacturer warranties - for your further peace of mind. 

The Best Landscape Lighting Contractor in Boca Raton, Florida.. and Beyond

We have a strong passion for providing any client that chooses us - the best outdoor lighting system available. We are stationed in Boca Raton but offer our services to the entire South Florida market. 

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"What is once well done is done forever."

                                                                   - Henry David Thoreau